SL Techknow is a global technology firm offering high-end innovative solutions. Headquartered in Georgia, we are the preferred partners for a diverse portfolio of clients from across the globe. We offer IT, recruitment and outsourcing solutions and with our unique delivery models, we proactively contribute to diverse business scenarios. Our superior customer service and quality reflects the pride we feel in our work and culture to actively contribute to client’s success and growth.

Who Are We?

We are a global technology firm that specializes in delivering first-rate solutions to put businesses on the fast track to success. Our spectrum of diverse and distinguished services aims to revolutionise the industry and transform the business sphere. We cater to a huge diversity of industry sectors and enterprises and follow a global service delivery model where we couple people and processes to deliver solutions that guarantee optimal performance. At SL Techknow Solutions, we showcase our immense potential with a passion for creativity and value for ingenuity and operate with a relentless drive for development and growth.

Our Vision

To grow as a global technology firm while successfully bringing to table out-of-the-box solutions that are engineered to perfection. With a focus at meeting and exceeding client expectations, we are driven towards rolling out solutions that earn our esteemed clients a competitive edge. Our singular aim is to arm our clients with the right tools to help them outshine, outpace and outsmart their competitors.

Our Mission

To iron out all those wrinkles that stand between our clients and the achievement of their boldest business goals. We have a commitment to excellence and with integrity and honesty at the core of our services, we successfully maintain our proud legacy of offering state-of-the-art solutions that meet clients’ technology needs to exacting specifications. Our hardware and software solutions seamlessly achieve the perfect balance between quality and functionality at market competitive prices.

Our Core Values

  • Superior Customer Service
  • Passion For Creativity
  • Pioneering Technology To Reshape The Business Sphere
  • Unparalleled Integrity
  • Social Responsibility