SAP Business Intelligence Solutions

The success of a business depends on sound and timely decisions that are based on various relevant and exact facts and figures. However with today’s rising data volumes, changing information into actionable approach is a major confront. Furthermore, high accessibility and access to the business information for 24x7 is increasing the standard for companies with worldwide reach. Business intelligence solutions from SAP can assist in delivering mission-critical data all over your enterprise to improve strategic decision making & gauge future business requirements more accurately. Our solutions offer a complete, accurate and a virtual real-time sight of your enterprise, with an open, back-to-back offering. They also improve the presentation of queries, trim down administration tasks & shorten the batch processes.

Business intelligence solutions from SAP can facilitate you to control costs, manage risks and get a higher come back on your investments by:

  • Visually representing purposes, goals and major performance indicators for quicker and more profitable judgment making.
  • Accurately predicting business trends and this would result in increased revenues.
  • Providing Web-based reports and analysis that speed-up processes and decrease training costs.
  • Identifying innovative business strategies & initiatives for better customer retention.

The various modules included in these business intelligence solutions are:

  • SAP Lumira:
    It is one of the best data visualization tool. It is used for making visualizations which uses data collected from various sources, thus making it simpler for business users for analyzing trends and to make decisions in a smarter way.
  • SAP for Microsoft Office:
    This is extremely helpful in analyzing and sharing data in Microsoft Office.
  • SAP for OLAP:
    It is useful for solving critical problems in a web based environment.
  • SAP Crystal Reports:
    These make reports that are pixel perfect and can be tailor made.
  • SAP For Design Studio:
    Whether you have to take timely and effective decisions at a faster pace or make data visualizations for the BI apps, these SAP business objects Design Studios are of a great help for any business organization.
  • SAP For Mobile Apps:
    Now-a-days when everything is available on mobile, they why not make available these SAP Business Object Solutions on mobile through Apps. Now get business intelligence solutions readily delivered on mobile devices.


Access to existing internal and external information is critical for being ahead of the competitors. Our solutions can help you:

  • Identify optimal business policies by monitoring victory factors using internal and external benchmarks and set-up models.
  • Integrate dissimilar and varied data to offer a broad view of your company operations.
  • Analyze data from a solitary access point for more precise and appropriate business decisions.
  • Support higher query, reporting & multidimensional investigation with mutual decision making.
  • Accurately predict business trends, ensuing in increased revenues.
  • Communicate key performance pointers to relevant parties all through your venture in a timely approach.
  • Identify new business plans and initiatives for superior customer retention.
  • Visually characterize objectives, goals & performance indicators for lucrative decision making.