With comprehensive understanding of business processes of the clients and technical competency, SL Techknow can help clients build, test, and transfer the applications to flawlessly integrate with the fast changing situation, and help to manage IT infrastructure in order to improve and enhance the functionality of current systems. SL Techknow offers comprehensive back-to-back SAP solutions. From business consulting, business application integration, implementation, maintenance and operation, to SAP training and education, SL Techknow has an exclusive value proposal in the SAP section. Our business consulting services includes:

  • The business internal control act consulting
  • Business processes analysis and optimization
  • Tailored SAP solutions designs and integration, etc.

Our SAP implementation services cover full range of the SAP products lines, with proficiency in the advanced, petrochemical, automobile, machinery and chemical industries. SL Techknow also offers integrated solutions depending on customers’ in-house-created SAP products, including their business processes and data integration on multiple platforms. SL Techknow’s SAP services offerings also consist of:

  • SAP system management
  • enterprise IT outsourcing
  • enterprise IT maintenance
  • enterprise IT optimization.

Additionally, SL Techknow helps clients to train SAP consultants for better usage of our great SAP solutions. Leveraging SL Techknow’s accumulated knowledge; clients get access to domains knowledge which our consultants have developed continually over past projects.

Why Us?

  • Our Consulting services can provide you the business analysis you require and follow through along with implementation.
  • As a part of SL Techknow, the world's top provider of technology, integrated business, and processes solutions, we deliver a pool of resources that are unsurpassed by all other firms.
  • At SL Techknow, we are quite flexible to deliver solutions cost-effectively and quickly.
  • Our great confidence in our capability to think ahead is what makes us keen to be considered against any business results.
  • We are expert in SAP implementation services and have wide experience in the fields of analytics, sales and distribution, human resources, financials, materials management, production planning, and other modules.