With new avenues and growth opportunities abundant, the automotive industry has to face rising challenges every day. These few factors include demographic and geopolitical changes, enterprise mobility, sustainability, more responsive supply networks, better, faster and shorter development cycles and customers who are more and more tech-savvy. While longer lead times, right from product conception to production have been accepted traditionally, these have been re-worked upon by us at SL Techknow to adapt with the changing market trends and make the best use of the same. In addition, because we not only want to innovate faster or increase cross business operation efficiency, but also want to be able to satisfy our customer’s changing needs better, we aim to bring in newer and more desirable products quicker than before while delivering customer value smoothly.

To fulfill these crucial aspects, we do what leading automotive companies should do, by offering SAP solutions and innovations that will help to smoothen out the entire business process. Having painstakingly studied the market trends, both before and after-sales, we have transformed ourselves into a consumer driven organization that focuses on the following:

  • Accelerating innovation by proper research and market study
  • Enabling real-time insight into products and collaborating with all key departments
  •  Manufacturing products efficiently, while keeping profitability and sustainability and avoiding disruption in the manufacturing chain
  • Lastly, creating a customer-centric buyer-seller relationship

It is a tough world out there, cutthroat competition and changing customer needs has driven many leading companies to change their outlook and output. At SL Techknow, we believe in not only meeting the customer’s needs but also exceeding the target requirements, both by focusing on the internal and external business life cycle. Not only do we track overall performance, but also we ensure to focus on all-important aspects of design and engineering, manufacturing, sales and customer service activities.