Consumers are no longer as they were a few decades back. Today’s consumers are savvy, fickle and demanding, with a thirst and a knowledge and need for the faster and better. How then, do consumer product companies or CP companies grow in terms of profitability and popularity during these challenging times? The solution is what we provide here, at SL Techknow.

Consumers want brands and products that are compelling enough to be bought, whilst engaging first hand with CP companies, requiring a tailor-made experience at every stage of the purchase cycle. In today’s global market, trends rise and fall based on both positive and negative consumer experience, meaning, that the main aim of CP companies is to create brands and products that are relevant to the said consumer base.

These brands must be able to make a position in the marketplace and enable consumers to enjoy a multi-touch point benefit, thus increasing its brand value and creating and improving brand loyalty. This requires a technology that will help companies’ spot repeat patterns and identify new opportunities at the same time, thereby enabling themselves to be oriented with the rapidly evolving consumer tastes. At SL Techknow, we provide CP companies with this particular platform that involves bringing innovative ideas to the market quickly, providing consumers with compelling offers and discounts and optimizing business functions, with these simple steps:

  • First, Relevant, and Compelling – Consumers have no dearth of choices today. Remember that only the most innovative/outstanding products will win.
  • Demand v/s Availability – Knowing what your consumers want, when they want it and how they want it is your next step to success. Keep the demand inflow high and consumer satisfaction will automatically reach you.
  • Brand-Value Driven – Want brand loyalty? We’ll help you by delivering brand value (proper price and quality) at every stage of the brand cycle.